School Student Transport Scheme

    Information note

    Applications for 2017 school travel now open

    Other important information for 2017

    • School students can now travel to and from Mascot and Green Square stations using their School Opal card as part of their travel to school.


    If you’re a school or TAFE school student you could be entitled to free travel to and from your school or TAFE under the School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS).

     Inside Opal network

    • Free travel to and from school on approved trains, buses, ferries and light rail services with the School Opal card (on school days during specific times)
    • Addition of Mascot and Green Square stations from Term 1, 2017

    Outside Opal network 

    • Free travel to and from school on public transport services services with a school travel pass
    • For boarding school students, free travel on NSW TrainLink Regional services and long distance coach services
    • Subsidised travel to and from school in private vehicles in areas where there is no public transport

    Primary and secondary students in the Opal network who live too close to school for the SSTS may be eligible for a School Term Bus Pass.

    School Opal card

    School travel pass


    For details about eligibility and how to apply online, visit the School Student Transport Scheme website, which has comprehensive information for parents and schools about the Scheme.

    The Transport for NSW corporate website has SSTS information for operators.

    The SSTS school travel pass is issued as a School Opal card, which is kept by the student, if travel is within the Opal network. School Opal cards or SSTS school travel passes issued under the SSTS may be used on train, bus, ferry or light rail services as required. The SSTS also provides subsidised travel using long-distance coach services as well as private vehicles in areas without public transport.

    How to apply

    You will need to complete a new application form if:

    • applying for a school travel pass for the first time
    • enrolling in kindergarten
    • requesting a new additional pass as a result of a new shared parental responsibility situation.

    Only one application needs to be made for each eligible address, regardless of the number of transport operators or modes of transport required.

    If the student is changing their school, address or name, you can apply for an update.

    If the application is successful:

    • In the Opal network, the School Opal card will be sent to the student’s nominated address
    • In rural /regional areas, a school travel pass will be sent by each approved operator to the student’s school (or in some cases to their nominated address).

    Replacement passes

    Lost, stolen or damaged School Opal cards: If you proceed with replacing your School Opal card, it will be cancelled immediately and a new card will be sent within 8 to 10 working days. A card replacement fee may apply.

    Lost, stolen or damaged rural/regional travel pass

    Contact the relevant transport operator to find out the replacement procedure.

    Contact the Transport Concessions Office

    Mail: Locked Bag 5085, Parramatta NSW 2124
    Phone: 131 500