Assistance Animal Permit


    If you have an Assistance Animal Permit, your nominated assistance animal can travel with you free of charge. This includes all trains, buses, ferries, light rail, taxis, private bus and private ferry services.

    You must carry your Assistance Animal Permit with you at all times as proof of entitlement.

    Please note, an Assistance Animal Permit is not mandatory for guide dogs and hearing dogs with accreditation.

    Assistance Animal Permit

    Animal Assistance permit

    Your animal is eligible if you have:

    • Medical evidence you have a disability as defined by the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cwth) or the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW) and that the assistance animal alleviates the effects of the disability
    • documentation that your assistance animal has received appropriate training from an accredited training organisation.

    Your Assistance Animal Permit has a photo of the nominated assistance animal on it and cannot be used for another animal.

    How to apply

    Permits are issued for free and valid for 12 months.

    Across NSW

    The Assistance Animal Permit is valid in NSW on all trains, buses, ferries, light rail, taxis, private bus and private ferry services. To find out if other services recognise the permit, contact local transport operators.

    Animals are generally not permitted on public transport unless you are carrying an Assistance Animal Permit or documentation demonstrating that the animal is a certified guide dog, hearing dog, police dog or assistance animal/police dog in training.

    Your assistance animal travels for free, and you pay your normal fare. This may be full fare, a concessional fare or free travel depending on your concession status.

    Opal card and single trip ticket fare information

    Replacement cards

    For a replacement Assistance Animal permit,  call 131 500.

    You can also download the Assistance Animal Permit application form or obtain the Assistance Animal Permit application form from the Transport Concessions Office, the NSW Branch of Vision Australia or Guide Dogs Australia.

    Once the form is complete, send it to the Transport Concessions Office.

    A replacement fee may apply.

    Contact the Transport Concessions Office

    Mail: Locked Bag 5085, Parramatta NSW 2124
    Phone: 131 500