Travelling to and from Sydney Airport train stations

train arriving at Sydney domestic airport train station
photo credit: Airport Link

The Sydney Domestic Airport train station and Sydney International Airport train station are both privately-owned by the Airport Link Company.

If you take the train to or from the Sydney Domestic or International Airport, you will need to pay an additional station access fee to go through the ticket gates at the airport train stations.

Station access fee

To calculate the total cost of your journey, add the station access fee to your train fare.

You can use the trip planner to calculate your approximate Opal card train fare with the station access fee included.

Children aged three years and under are free.

Station access fee type Adult Concession


A$13.80 (+ train fare)

A$12.40 (+ train fare)

Please note: The station access fee is reduced when you are travelling between the airport stations and Mascot Station or Green Square Station, or between the Sydney Domestic Airport train station and Sydney International Airport train station.

How to pay

To pay this fee, you can use an Opal card or purchase an Opal single trip ticket. The station access fee will be included in the total fare price.

Using an Opal card

When using an Opal card, you must ensure you have sufficient value on your card to pay for the station access fee and your train fare.

The amount is automatically deducted from your card when you tap on and tap off.

The amount deducted from your Opal card balance will be calculated according to the type of Opal card you have.

You can top up your Opal card and get Adult and Child/Youth Opal cards at the ticket windows in the airport train stations, or from Opal retailers and the Opal website.

For Concession and Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal cards, visit the Opal website.

Sydney Airport station access fee weekly travel cap

If you travel to or from the Sydney Airport stations more than once between Monday and Sunday of the same week, the station access fee cap is applied when you use an Opal card.

What you pay with your Opal card

Station access fee type Adult Opal card Child/Youth Opal card Concession Opal card Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card


A$13.80 + train fare

A$12.40 + train fare

A$12.40* + train fare

A$12.40* + train fare

Weekly cap
(Opal card only)

A$27.00 + train fares

A$24.50 + train fares

A$24.50* + train fares

A$24.50* + train fares

*If you are travelling on a Concession Opal card or a Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card and are entitled to concession fares, you must have sufficient value on your card and carry your proof of entitlement. Otherwise you must travel with and pay for an Adult Opal fare. If you do not, you may be fined.

Using an Opal single trip ticket

You can purchase an Opal single trip ticket from the Opal top up and single trip ticket machines at the airport train station and at selected train stations inside the Opal network.

Make sure you tap on at the start of your journey and tap off at the end.

Adult tickets are for all customers aged 16 years and older, with the exception of Senior Secondary Student Concession Card holders.

Child/Youth tickets are for children aged 4–15 years inclusive and eligible full time NSW/ACT school students aged 16 years or older with a Senior Secondary Student Concession Card. Students must carry the correct proof of entitlement.

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