Bus tickets

Opal and paper ticket information

To travel by bus across the Sydney metropolitan and outer Sydney metropolitan areas, you need an Opal card or a paper ticket.

Opal can be used across all transport modes within the Opal network. Use the Trip planner to calculate your approximate Opal fare.

Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Hunter and Illawarra

Opal card and MyBus tickets can be used on all buses.


Opal card can be used on all buses.

If you don’t have an Opal card:

  • You can purchase a single ticket on board private buses in Newcastle.
  • You can purchase a 1-hour time-based ticket on board government buses. These are valid for any trips taken within one hour of first use on buses. MyBus tickets are not accepted.

Regional NSW

Opal card is not accepted on buses in regional NSW (outside the Opal network). To see whether Opal is available on a service, use the Trip planner. See Travelling in regional NSW.


  • Opal and MyBus tickets are not accepted on some special event buses and charter services.
  • PrePay buses require an Opal card or a valid ticket before boarding.
  • For NightRide ticketing information see NightRide buses.

MyBus tickets

Single MyBus tickets are available in three section-based fare bands, in both Adult and Concession.

MyBus single tickets can be purchased from:

  • Bus drivers (excluding PrePay buses)
  • State Transit ticket vending machines
  • Transport Shops
  • Ticket outlets (including many newsagencies and convenience stores).

Concession fares are available to children 4–15 years inclusive, students, pensioners and other concession cardholders. Children aged 3 or less travel free.

You must carry the correct concession card when purchasing and travelling on a concession ticket.

Bus fares

Opal fares

Opal gives you the lowest single bus fares, as well as lots of other rewards for regular travel.

Use the Trip planner to calculate your approximate Opal fare.

By tapping on and tapping off with your Opal card the correct fare is automatically deducted from your card based on the distance travelled, whether you’ve transferred from another bus or reached the Daily or Weekly Travel Caps or the Weekly Travel Reward.

For more information, or to order an Opal card, visit the Opal website.

MyBus fares

TicketMyBus 1
(1–2 sections)
MyBus 2
(3–5 sections)
MyBus 3
(6+ sections)

Adult single

$2.40 $3.80 $4.70
Concession single $1.20



MyBus terms and conditions

  • The MyBus 1, 2 or 3 single tickets are valid for one trip only.
  • MyBus single tickets purchased on the bus are valid for that trip only.
  • MyBus single tickets purchased from an outlet can be used for a single trip only.
  • You cannot purchase a MyBus return ticket.

Find out more about bus ticket terms and conditions.

Calculating sections for MyBus tickets

MyBus fares are available in three section-based fare bands.

Bus routes are divided into sections of approximately 1.6 kilometres, and these sections are marked on timetable maps and on some bus stop signs.

To calculate your trip in sections:

Reading a bus route map

  1. Select the correct route map of your journey. See bus maps.
  2. Find the start and end points of your trip (where you board and leave the bus).
  3. Count the sections, including part sections, that you will travel through. For example, in the screenshot below, you board the bus in section 10 and get off in section 8. You have travelled in 3 sections: 10, 9 and 8. You will need a MyBus 2 (3–5 sections) ticket.

How to read a bus map, description in text above

NightRide and NightOwl buses

A number of bus routes and services operate late on Friday and Saturday nights, or all night every night.

To find out which transport options are best for you late at night, use the Trip planner.

Opal is accepted on all NightRide and NightOwl buses. If you do not have an Opal card, you can use a valid MyTrain return ticket or purchase a single ticket from the driver.

Free travel on the N100 from Kings Cross to the City

Route N100 is free to customers boarding at Kings Cross and travelling to the Sydney CBD.

Customers travelling from any other stop on the N100 route (Bondi Junction to Central) will need an Opal card or pay the standard fare.

For more information about NightRide buses, see late night bus travel.