PrepayPrePay, or cashless, means that you must have a valid Opal card to catch the bus.

Bus drivers do not sell Opal single bus tickets on PrePay services.

Some bus routes are PrePay at all times, some bus stops are PrePay at certain times of the day.

For all PrePay services you need to have an Opal card before you board.

Using an Opal card saves you money and helps reduce boarding times so the bus can get moving more quickly.

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PrePay Only buses

Some bus routes are PrePay Only at all times.  No matter where or when you catch a PrePay Only service, you must have an Opal card to board.

PrePay Only routes in trip planner results and bus timetables are identified by the route name, e.g. Route 333 - PrePay Only - Nth Bondi to City.

PrePay Only and cashless bus stops

Some bus stops are cashless at certain times of the day.  The Sydney CBD is PrePay Only from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday for all State Transit and Forest Coachline services.

Use the Trip planner to work out if your stop is PrePay Only.  PrePay Only stops are marked with an information icon (trip note) in results.