Bikes and Boards

If you are planning to travel on NSW transport with your bike, surf- or snowboard, there are a few things that you need to know.

On Sydney and Intercity trains

You can take your bicycle on a Sydney or Intercity train for free at any time.

Surfboards can travel if there is space available and your board doesn’t prevent other passengers from getting a seat. It is recommended that you avoid peak hour services when carrying a surfboard

On regional trains

You need to make a reservation for your bicycle, surfboard or snowboard when buying a ticket to travel on the NSW regional trains and coach network. There is limited space for this equipment – 5 spaces on XPT and 3 on XPLORER trains, and 2 spaces on each coach.

Book your equipment when purchasing your ticket by phone or at a booking office (it cannot be done online). Your board will cost you $12.10 and weigh 20kg or less. To book phone 13 22 32.

Bicycles must be dissembled and packed in a bicycle box. Boxes can be obtained from bicycle retailers or at the station.

There is no charge for a folding bicycle to ride on NSW regional trains and coaches. Folding bikes must be in a protective cover and no larger than 79cm length x 59cm height x 36cm width.

A surfboard or snowboard less than 2 metres long can be checked in as luggage provided it is packed in a secure, protective covering

On buses

Bicycles cannot be taken on buses because they are difficult to stow without inconveniencing or potentially endangering other passengers.

You may board with a surfboard as long as it does not cause inconvenience or risk to other passengers. Your bus driver can refuse a surfboard if there is not enough room on the bus and the surfboard cannot be stowed clear of the aisle and doorways. It is recommended that you avoid peak hour services when carrying a surfboard.

On ferries

Bicycles are permitted on Sydney Ferries for free at all times. The crew can refuse to allow a bicycle on board if there is a safety concern or not enough room for it to be safely stowed on board.

Some private ferry services charge an additional fee to travel with a bicycle and may require you to check for space prior to travelling.

Manly ferry vessels and the Stockton Ferry have special storage areas for bicycles. Ask the crew where they are located. For all other vessels, ask the crew to guide you to the most appropriate area to stow or sit with your bicycle. For safety reasons you must remain with or near your bicycle during the journey.

On light rail

You can take your bicycle on light rail free of charge at any time, but staff may restrict the number of bicycles or refuse access when carriages are crowded.

Bicycle lockers

You can hire secure bike lockers at many train stations, wharves and interchanges. There are over 1,200 secure bike lockers for long-term hire at more than 140 locations across the NSW public transport network