Courteous travel

Be courteous to your fellow passengers and everyone will have a comfortable trip. When travelling:

  • offer your seat to someone who needs it more than you – older people, pregnant women or people with disability or mobility impaired
  • don’t put your feet on the seats (or you may be fined)
  • don’t use offensive language
  • don't smoke or drink alcohol (another fineable offence)
  • take your rubbish with you
  • if you notice any suspicious activity or unattended luggage, tell a transport staff member
  • report graffiti via the NSW Graffiti Hotline 1800 707 125 or on the Lawlink website
  • report a crime via the Police Assistance Line 131 444.

Travel behaviour that frustrates other passengers

Don’t attract the attention of other passengers for the wrong reasons. When travelling:

  • don’t occupy two seats when others are standing
  • turn down the volume on your mp3 player – your neighbour might not like your music
  • don’t block others from getting off the train
  • take care not to bump others with your oversized bag
  • don’t catch up on your grooming – no one wants to watch you cutting your fingernails
  • keep your dirty or smelly shoes on the floor (feet on seat = a fine)
  • don’t shove – everyone wants to get where they are going
  • cover your nose when you sneeze and your mouth when you cough
  • no need to shout – your loud phone conversations annoy others.