Quiet carriage rules

Quiet carriages are on selected intercity train services. They provide you with a quiet environment when travelling longer distances.

You will find quiet carriages on the following services:

  • Blue Mountains Line
  • Southern Highlands Line
  • South Coast Line
  • Central Coast & Newcastle Line
  • Bathurst Bullet.

A quiet carriage is usually the first, last and two middle carriages of an 8-carriage train, the first and last carriages of a 4-carriage train, the last carriage of a 2-carriage train. Look for signs on the train or platform.

Quiet carriage etiquette:

  • your mobile phones should be on silent
  • move into an adjoining carriage to have a conversation with a fellow passenger
  • use headphones with mobile devices
  • keeping the volume to a minimum so it can't be heard by others.

If you don’t want to observe these rules, take the trip in a regular carriage.

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