Safe travel on Buses

When waiting for your bus, stand back and allow passengers to get off before you board. Once on board, stay clear of the doors when they are closing.

If a bus has left the bus stop, the driver is not obliged to reopen the doors. This ensures the safety of customers and motorists on the road, and helps keep the bus run to its timetable.

Safety tips for travelling on the bus

When you are on the bus:

  • do not distract the driver or interfere with the operation of the bus
  • hold onto handrails at all times
  • stand clear of the red safety area near the doors
  • ensure no luggage or other objects block the aisle
  • place bags on the floor between your feet when standing.

Security on buses

Sydney and Newcastle buses have installed features on bus services to increase the safety of customers and drivers.

Sydney Buses have video systems that aim to discourage anti-social behaviour. They produce enhanced images to assist investigations into incidents. Most private bus operators have similar systems in operation.

To reduce vandalism and anti-social behaviour NSW Police patrol the entire network on randomly chosen routes.

Bus travel with children

You can travel comfortably with a pram, stroller or buggy on all buses.

In some circumstances it is possible for children to remain in the pram on board the bus, but in others you will need to fold and stow it and the children should be seated with you. The situation depends on the model of the bus in service. For more information about travelling with a pram, buggy or stroller see travel on accessible buses.

Pram dimensions

Prams, strollers or buggies less than 800mm wide should fit down bus aisles, which are built according to the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002.