Seek assistance if ill

If the situation is an emergency, dial 000.

On a train

Notify the guard or use the Emergency Help Point to speak to the guard. If you cannot get to the Emergency Help Point or the situation is an emergency, dial 000.

On a bus

Alert the driver. They will know how to arrange help.

On a Sydney ferries wharf

If you are feeling ill at the wharf please do not board the ferry. Speak to a Sydney Ferries staff member and they will help to arrange medical assistance.

In an emergency use the Emergency Help Point on the wharf to alert security personnel, or dial 000 for emergencies requiring ambulance, police or fire brigade.

On a ferry

Speak immediately to a crew member – they are trained in first aid and can radio for help. An ambulance can be arranged to meet you at the next or closest wharf.

The F1 Manly ferry services have a Crew Assistance Help Point in the middle of the ferry near the stairs on both levels so you can contact the crew.

On light rail

Notify the conductor on board.