Safe travel in taxis

Every taxi is fitted with a security camera, for the safety of all passengers. Drivers are required to display their Driver's ID (authority number) clearly, and you can ask to see it.

Safe and roadworthy vehicles

Taxi vehicles must comply with a range of specifications, including age. Vehicles operating in Sydney must be less than 6.5 years old and in all other areas less than 8.5 years. Wheelchair accessible taxis must not be older than 10.5 years across the state.

Safe taxi travel at night

Taxis are a safe option at night if your origin or destination is not near a stop or station. Stay safe and include taxi rides as part of your travel. Use the trip planner to find out how to take a taxi to get you to or from a late night bus stop.

Find a secure taxi rank

Secure taxi ranks operate across NSW late every Friday and Saturday night. Guards at these ranks provide a safe environment for customers and taxi drivers. See find a secure taxi rank.