Safe travel on trains

Top tips for safer travel

  • Slow down to avoid slips, trips and falls.
  • Mind the gap when getting on and off the train.
  • Hold on. Save one hand for the handrail.
  • Step back. Don’t hold open closing doors.
  • Stay alert. Don’t be distracted by your mobile phone.

Safety tips for travel with children

  • keep a firm hold of your pram when on the station or train
  • apply pram brakes when on the station or train
  • ensure your child is securely strapped into the pram
  • park the pram parallel to the edge of the platform, not pointing towards the tracks
  • board the train near the guard's compartment so they can see you when closing the train doors
  • don't rush – allow plenty of time for your journey
  • mind the gap between the platform and the train doors.

If you require assistance ask a Sydney Trains staff member.

Fast track platforms

Fast track platforms help you to get where you need to be faster, more easily and more safely.

Features include:

  • staff assistance and announcements during peak periods, when it becomes most crowded
  • waiting areas with information screens at the back of the platform, where there is more space to safely wait
  • a clearly marked boarding area where you can safely stand when your train has stopped
  • a marked walkway to help you get off your train and leave the platform quickly.
    extra staff and announcements during the busiest times to help keep everyone moving

To avoid delays and improve safety, customers are advised to:

  • use the new waiting areas where there is more space to wait safely
  • use the new walkway provided when getting off the train and keep the walkway clear when waiting to board
  • step into the boarding area and off the walkway when the train stops
    keep the doors clear to let people off the train before getting on
  • listen for announcements to make your journey faster and safer.

NightRide bus services

Most Sydney trains do not operate between midnight and 4:30. NightRide bus services replace trains between these hours on most Sydney suburban lines, with extra services on weekends. See NightRide. buses