International tertiary students

International students are generally not entitled to transport concessions in NSW.

If your study is fully funded by specified Australian Government scholarships, you may be eligible for transport concessions. For further details, download the TfNSW’s Guidelines for issuing NSW tertiary student concession cards.

International student travel program

International students may be eligible to pay less for train, bus, ferry or light rail travel using reduced price MyMulti 2 and MyMulti 3 tickets.

Reduced price MyMulti 2 and 3 tickets can be used just like regular MyMulti tickets for travel on public transport in Greater Sydney, the Hunter and the Illawarra.

MyMulti 2 yearly and quarterly tickets can be used for unlimited travel on:

  • Buses
  • Sydney ferries routes F1-F7 (trips up to 9km only)
  • Light rail
  • Train services operating within the Sydney area bounded by Bondi Junction, Hornsby, Carlingford, Seven Hills, Liverpool, Holsworthy, Engadine and Caringbah

MyMulti 3 yearly and quarterly tickets can be used for unlimited travel on:

  • Buses
  • Sydney ferries routes F1-F7
  • Light rail
  • Trains on the Sydney and Intercitynetwork
For more information on using MyMulti 2 and MyMulti 3 tickets, see the MyMulti page.

MyMulti 1 tickets are not reduced under this program, and NSW TrainLink Regional services are not included in the program.


Ticket2014 retail price2014 reduced priceSaving
MyMulti3 - Yearly $2444.00 $1589.00 35%
MyMulti3 -Quarterly $676.00 $453.00 33%
MyMulti2 - Yearly $2052.00 $1560.00 24%
MyMulti2 -Quarterly $567.00 $425.00 25%

Step-by-step online purchase

  1. Ask your educational institution for its 6-character CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) provider code and your 10-character one-time MyMulti code.
  2. Go to 'Online tickets' to register for online ticketing.
  3. Once you have registered, fill in your email address and password to Login.
  4. On the 'Buy tickets' page, click on 'MyMulti 2 & 3 for eligible international students'.
  5. Enter your institution’s CRICOS provider code and the 10-character one-time MyMulti code your institution gave you. Click Proceed.
  6. Select your MyMulti ticket and click Get quote. Check your purchase and click Add to cart.
  7. Click View cart.
  8. Recheck your purchase and click Checkout.
  9. Confirm delivery method, complete your credit card details and click Place order.
  10. We’ll confirm your MyMulti purchase onscreen, and Express Post your MyMulti ticket to your registered address within 3 business days.

This step-by-step process is outlined in the International students travel program brochure which is also available in the following languages:

More information

Reduced price tickets for international students are not concessions. As a result, international students using these reduced price MyMulti 2 and 3 tickets do not have to carry a NSW Tertiary Student Concession Card when they use public transport.

MyMulti 1 tickets are not reduced under this program, and NSW TrainLink Regional services are not included in the program. For information on discounts available to international students on Regional services, visit the NSW TrainLink website.

Information for education providers

If you are a CRICOS-registered institution and would like to participate in the International Student Discount Program, email and include:

  • details of your institution’s nominated contact for follow-up
  • the name of your institution
  • your institution’s CRICOS registration number
  • estimated number of your enrolled eligible international students

Online ticketing staff will be in touch to validate your details and generate a spreadsheet with a range of one-time MyMulti codes. These will be sent to the nominated person in your institution.

How to issue a one-time MyMulti code to an international student

  • Confirm the eligibility of the student. They must be an international student currently enrolled in a course at a CRICOS-registered institution.
  • Once you have confirmed the student is eligible, give them your CRICOS number and the student’s unique one-time MyMulti code so they can purchase their reduced price MyMulti ticket online.
  • Make sure the same code is not issued to more than one student. If a one-time MyMulti code has already been used the purchase will be rejected.
  • For audit purposes, please record the names of students against their one-time MyMulti codes.

Terms and conditions of sale

  • All Tickets issued under the International Student Travel Program (‘Program’) are subject to the conditions as established by Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW). Anyone who purchases, holds or attempts to use a Ticket will be deemed to have fully agreed to these conditions.
  • The Program offers reduced price travel for international students enrolled at CRICOS-recognised Education Providers at the time of purchase.
  • Tickets purchased through the Program can only be sold to genuine international students and are not transferable. Sales of Tickets purchased under the Program to non-students are prohibited. Tickets identified as being sold in contravention to these conditions may be cancelled.
  • Tickets may only be purchased online from the 'Online tickets' page on the Sydney Trains website.
  • The Education Provider may be asked to provide an audit report of the names and relevant student numbers of each Student provided with a one-time MyMulti code under the Program (the ‘Personal Information’).
  • Any breach of any Condition may, in addition to any other remedy TfNSW may have, and even if the holder of the Ticket did not have notice of the Condition or the breach, result in refusal of travel, cancellation of the Ticket and non-refund of the price of the Ticket. All Tickets remain the property of TfNSW. Such actions are without prejudice to other remedies which may include a fine and/or legal action.
  • TfNSW reserves the right to make amendments to these Conditions from time to time; updates will be made on this web page. Updated versions can be requested from TfNSW at the address set out below.