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    Opal and tickets

    If you travel in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Hunter or the Illawarra, your best ticket is an Opal card.  Opal is a smartcard that you load value onto and pay as you go for use across all modes of transport.

    If you travel in regional NSW, there are a range of public and privately-operated regional transport services.

    Opal cards


    Card Who How to get
    Opal adult
    • Adults - customers 16 years of age and over who normally pay full fare
    Opal child / youth
    Senior/PensionerOpal senior / pensioner

    Holders of:

    ConcessionOpal Concession

    For eligible customers including:

    FreeOpal Blank / Free
    • Call 131 500
    SchoolOpal School
    • School students who qualify for either free or discounted travel